This list is arranged in alphabetical order. if you need further information, do not hesitate to contact the department mentioned (e.g. Reception) or the person whose email is given to you directly. 
If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please kindly let us know.
Access for disabled visitors
CIRM has accommodation accessible to physically-disabled researchers and access is possible to the main auditorium, lecture hall, restaurant and library. Car park spaces are reserved for disabled visitors. and there is a lift from car park to the main bridge building.
Contact: Reception

Accommodation at CIRM
For detailed information, please see our dedicated page here.
Contact: Reception-Accommodation

Airport to and from CIRM
For detailed information about transport by taxi, please see our dedicated page here.
If you require a taxi to leave CIRM at the end of your event, please contact Reception during office hours.

Applying to organize an event at CIRM
Each type of event at CIRM has its own description on this website.
Visit the Calls & Descriptions page for more information.
Contact: Event Coordinator

A1 Auditorium – Lecture hall

  • Video

A computer is permanently plugged in at the front of the auditorium with video-projection and network connections. You can use this computer if you have your presentation on a USB key or can retrieve it online. Please use the controls on the touchscreen to switch on and off the video projector and the lights. If you prefer to use your laptop, please connect it to the VGA cable on the left handside of the desk and do the following:
– windows or linux: press Fn + and the key displaying a monitor (F5, F7 or F8..). You may have to restart your computer.
– mac OS X: close and re-open the top.
Contact: IT services in the library

  • Audio

Microphones are available in the auditorium. You will find them plugged in by the touchscreen device. One is a wireless headset and the other a handset microphone. Just switch on/off and check that the green light comes on. Please set to recharge at the end (red light on) for the next users.
Contact: IT services in the library

  • Films – Rights to one’s image

Five conferences are filmed per week on average. Each speaker filmed is asked to fill in and sign a form. Please note that participants may also be filmed, in particular during question time or if they are sitting in the first rows. People who do not wish to appear on films should indicate this when they apply for the event (a tick/cross button is available on the online form), and should sit in the last rows of the lecture hall if possible. Films are later uploaded on the Audiovisual Mathematics Library, after the speaker has viewed and given his/her consent.
Contact: Librarians

Boars (Wild)
CIRM stands at the border of the Calanques nature reserve and thus attracts some wild animals. Wildboars are regular visitors. Please make sure you never try to touch/feed a boar, especially when surrounded by their youngs. These animals can be dangerous! They like to hang about near the car parks at CIRM so please take care when you walk there and make some noise to make them leave. If you need to report an incident: 
Contact: Reception in person (08:00-18:00)

To get to/ leave CIRM, you can use local buses B1, 21Jet fast bus, 521 night bus and bus 24. More information here.
Timetables are available in the Bastide building entrance.
Contact: Reception

One cannot talk about CIRM without mentioning the « calanques ». And unless the weather is particularly bad you should not leave CIRM without taking a hike to the calanques. A calanque  (meaning « inlet » ) is a steep-walled inlet, cove, or bay that is developed in limestone, dolomite, or other carbonate strata and found along the Mediterranean coast. The local range extends for 20 km in length and 4 km in width along the coast between Marseille and Cassis. The limestone calanques lie within the Parc National des Calanques (created in 2012) and include the Calanque de Sormiou, the Calanque de Morgiou, the Calanque d’En-Vau, the Calanque de Port-Pin and Calanque de Sugiton (our local!)

Remember to wear suitable walking shoes and to take water, a mobile phone and a pullover with you (if you walk late). For any emergency, call the European emergency number 112 (free)
Contact for maps: Reception
Check daily :  Real time information on access conditions

Car parking
If you come by car, please park your vehicle in the Visitor car park only.

Cards and keys (Out-of-hours access)
Most arrivals take place on Sunday evening from 17:00 till 22:00). Someone will be at reception or in the restaurant to give you your bedroom key.

However, if you arrive after 22:00 on Sundays, or arrive another day outside office hours (Reception closes at 18:00), please remember to let the Reception/Accommodation Officer know this in advance. Your room key and the attached library card will be left at reception but you will need to know where to get it. If you arrive and find nobody at reception, and you cannot find your key, you can try to contact staff in the library until 18:00 or staff in the restaurant. If nobody is around at all to help, call the caretaker’s number displayed at reception.
Contact: Reception

Check-in and check-out times

  • Check-in: 

Most arrivals take place on the Sunday evening preceding the start of the event from 17:00 till 22:00. Unfortunately you cannot check-in earlier. For those who arrive later than 10 pm, please see the section just above. Note that no meal can  be provided after 10pm and that the campus has no late night restaurant, so you need to plan ahead.  

  • Check-out: 

Usual check-out is on Fridays but can be on Saturdays at 9:00. Remember that Friday night is usually not covered for board and lodging so you will have to check whether payment can be covered by the organizers or whether you need to take care of it. There is a luggage room (key available from Reception) to store your bags when you leave your room. Room keys should be returned to reception at 9:00 at the latest.
Contact: Budget Officer (additional payment)
Contact: Reception (AOB)

The Accommodation Officer is also the Family Contact person at CIRM. She can advise you on what is available at CIRM or how to find alternative accommodation.
Contact: Reception/ Accommodation Officer

Free-access computers can be found in the library on Floor 1. You will find PCs running under Linux (debian) and Apple Mac computers. They are all linked to the photocopier-scanner-printer. The IT officers are there to help you with IT, printing and Wifi matters. Their offices are on the first floor
in the library.
Services – Support – Contact 

Credit cards
Visa and Mastercards are accepted at CIRM at the Reception desk for payment of stays, additional nights, meals, wine etc. Please note that you will never be asked to pay by credit card in advance of your stay, by phone or online.
Contact: Budget Officer

Directions to CIRM
For detailed information, please see our dedicated page.
Contact: Reception

If you wish to talk to the director in person, please contact his Personal assistant to arrange an appointment.
Contact: PA Office 

You can connect to Eduroam at CIRM.
Services – Support – Contact 

Electronic journals (Digital Library)
Numerous electronic journals can be accessed from the computers on the ground floor and first floor of the library. Please note that special terms of use apply to these journals and books. Please ask the library staff.
Contact: Library 


  • Fire: please take some time to read the card on the back of the door in your bedroom to know how to leave the building in case of an emergency.  Evacuation plans and fire extinguishers are also available in the corridors. For first aid, please see someone at Reception.
  • Safe walking: the paths to the local calanques are not just an easy stroll, you need to have proper walking shoes as you can easily slip and break a bone.
  • Animals: CIRM stands at the border of a nature reserve and thus attracts wild animals. Wildboars are regular visitors. Please make sure you never touch/feed a boar, especially when surrounded by their youngs. These animals are dangerous!

Contact: Reception / Caretaker emergency number (displayed at Reception and in all buildings of the centre)

Evenings at CIRM
For years, once dinner was finished there was not much to do at Cirm. This is changing! Since summer 2016, a lounge bar has been opened from 9.30pm to 11.30pm in the restaurant. It runs for most weeks during the year and  serves drinks and nibbles.

Accommodation and food are provided at CIRM and usually covered directly by organizers of the event you are invited to take part in. However, note that expenses for travelling, drinks, accompanying guests, Friday night board and lodging etc. are not included.  Please see Reception if you need small cash for the vending machines or need to pay for any of the above services. 
Contact: Budget Officer

The Accommodation Officer is also the Family Contact person at CIRM. She can advise you on what is available at CIRM or how to find alternative accommodation.
Contact: Reception/ Accommodation Officer

This is a must at CIRM so pack your walking shoes! Most organisers plan an afternoon off to take a hike as a group to the local Sugiton Calanque (about 45mns walk one way). The views on the way are amazing and at the end you touch the sea! Don’t forget your swimsuit in summer to cool down with a dip in one of the most secluded places in Marseille. Returning visitors to CIRM often plan for a longer trip, for example a 4 or 5 hour hike to Cassis. It is a great opportunity to discuss with colleagues in a more relaxing atmosphere and the town of Cassis at the end of the trip is really worth a visit! (don’t forget to include a leisurely drink at the harbour). Coaches can take you back to the Vaufrège roundabout situated at the entrance of the Luminy campus (about 20 mns walk to CIRM or catch the local bus). There are also trains from Cassis to Gare St Charles in Marseille. Directions and maps are available from Reception. One important point: do wear good walking sturdy shoes and do not venture out when it is dark. take water, a pullover and a mobile phone (112 is the European emergency number). In summer, you need to check that the Calanques National Park is not closed (this happens when the risk of fires is high) by taking a look at this page (number 22 – calanques). If the map is black then you must stay away from the Calanques.
Contact: Reception (for maps and advice) 
Contact: 112 for emergencies

IT network
Automatic through a DHCP server. No need to type in any name for the server. It is actually better to remove it if one pops up on your machine. RJ45 connection cables are available for you to connect to both in the computer room in the library and on the mezzanine. You should get an IP address of this type : 139.124.3.XXX.
Services – Support – Contact 

Jean-Morlet Chair
This Chair was set up in 2013 at CIRM and attracts beneficiaries from abroad, in residence at CIRM for one semester and working closely with a Local project leader. This is a perfect opportunity for collaborative work. For more information visit the dedicated Chaire Jean-Morlet website.

Laundry facilities are available on the first floor of the Bastide building and in the  Annexe building.
Contact: Reception

You will find a table tennis just outside the Bastide building as well as various games (cards, board, balls) and a television in the leisure room. Newspapers (local, national and international) arrive everyday and science magazines are available too. Several fiction books are kept there too, as well as tourist information books and leaflets. The library also offers a good selection of modern fiction books with themes connected to mathematics, as well as games. The most popular leisure activity at CIRM by far is hiking in the local Calanques. Please refer to the section on Hiking.

You can post letters at Reception. Postcards are for sale there.
Contact: Reception

The library has a very large stock of books and journals and our librarians will be happy to look up any article you may need to find. Remember to contact them early on in the week so that if a book or article is not available on Monday morning they may have time to try and obtain it for you. The librarians are usually onsite from 9:00 till 6:00, including during the lunch hour. They operate on a rota in the summer to make sure that the library is manned at all times. Remember that outside opening times you can access the library with your keycard. Consultation is usually only available inside the library for weekly visitors. (access with cards 17:30 to 08:30)
Contact: Library

Meal times
Breakfast is from 7:00 to 09:00 and is self-service. Lunch is at 12:30 and dinner at 19:30. Please be on time for meals, as you are served directly at your table with other participants. CIRM does not have a cafeteria. Coffee/tea breaks take place in the morning and afternoon at the organizers’ convenience. They are served in the hall of the auditorium or down in the Annexe if your event takes place there. Research in Pairs teams can of course serve themselves too and everyone can find free tea at the restaurant and a coffee machine next to the restaurant. A vending machine provides savoury and sweet snacks as well as some other types of drinks.
Contact: Reception
Medical matters 
Out-of-hours access: the emergency number for the caretaker is displayed all over CIRM, as well as contacts for local doctors and hospitals. You will also find this information in the booklet in your bedroom.
Contact: Reception

You will find a piano in the auditorium that can be used at your convenience when the room is free. You will need to get the keys either from Reception or from the conference organizers. If you bring your own instrument you can practise in the Chapel room or in the Billard room when they are not used for Workshops or Research in Pairs.
Contact: Reception

Opening Hours
Reception is usually open from 8:00 till 18:00 from Monday to Friday.

Phone calls
There are no public phones at CIRM. Please use your mobile phone.
In an emergency, please contact Reception.
Contact: Reception

Photocopying – Printing – Scanning
A multi-purpose machine is available to conference participants and is situated in the library on the ground floor. This is the default printer for all free-access computers in the library. To print from your laptop, please ask the IT officers on the 1st floor of the library. There are no charge for photocopies but remember to ask the organizers for the weekly code. Other visitors can use the machine but will need to pay for copies.
Services – Support – Contact 

Problems with IT issues or connections and Wifi
Please contact the IT officers on the first floor of the library.
Services – Support – Contact 

Questions when you are at CIRM
Reception staff and the Library staff usually have answers to most questions or can call other staff members if necessary. Outside working hours, if the question is about accommodation or food you can ask the house personnel (please ask a French speaking colleague to help if necessary). If there is an urgent matter and you do not speak French, please contact the International Officer (her office is in the library near the lift). For absolute emergencies, please contact the caretaker on duty (phone number indicated in all buildings).

Restaurant at CIRM
For detailed information, please see our dedicated page here
Contact: Restaurant
Contact: Reception (for special dietary requirements)

The usual start of any event is on Monday morning right after breakfast. The schedule for the week is on the dedicated mini-website online and also displayed in the entrance to the Auditorium and in the general entrance.
Contact: Event Coordinator

Unfortunately the Luminy University Campus is not brilliant when it comes to shops. To help out, note that a small selection of goods (soap, toothpaste, hygiene and toilet articles) are available from the vending machines at CIRM. If you need to shop for food or other items, not that a large HyperCasino supermarket is available on bus 21 road, about 15 minutes away. It is open Monday to Saturday till about 20:00.
Contact: Reception

Please note that smoking is not allowed inside any of the buildings at CIRM. Please dispose carefully of any cigarette butt, especially in summer, as the landscape surrounding CIRM is prone to fires.
In case of fire: please see the Emergencies section

SMTP server 
The SMTP server name at CIRM is called
Services – Support – Contact

Towels are provided in the bedrooms and are changed on Wednesdays. If you are missing a towel when you arrive, do ask the person checking you in.

Train station to and from CIRM
For detailed information, please see our dedicated page here. If
you require a taxi  see the section above.
Contact: Reception

Valuables – storage
You will find a safe in all bedrooms at CIRM and lockers in the library next to the computer room. We recommend that you use these facilities which are free, as thefts have unfortunately occured in the past.
Contact: Reception
Contact: Library (lockers)

Vegetarian or other dietary requirements
The restaurant team at CIRM does its best to ensure that it caters for all. When you are asked to fill in the Board and Lodging form (about 2 months before your event), please specify any special food requirement (no fish, no pork, allergies, etc.) in the « Remarks » section.
Contact: Reception

Video-projector connection
Read the section entitled ‘Auditorium material’ to connect to the fixed machine in the auditorium.

To connect to other machines please do the following:

  • Press the On/ Off button 
  • Connect the video cable (usually VGA) from your laptop’s external video port to the projector
  • Sync the projector and laptop by holding down the FUNCTION key Fn and pressing one of the following keys to toggle (either F5 ou F7 ou F8)
  • To swich the machine off, hold down the on/off key then press a second time to confirm.

Please wait until the machine completely stops then unplug everything.
Services – Support – Contact 

Visa applications and authorizations
To obtain an official letter from CIRM in order to request a travel authorization or visa for participating in an event, please see the dedicated page.
Contact: Event Coordinator

Tap water in Marseille is actually excellent. There are water fountains on the ground floor of nearly each building in the centre. Help yourself!

Week-end stay
Please note that – aside from events lasting several weeks and special events – it is not usually possible to stay at CIRM on a Saturday night. Rooms must be prepared for the Sunday arrival of participants taking part in the next large event due to take place the following week. If you would like information about local hotel accommodation, please ask Reception.
Contact: Reception

A Friday night stay is usually possible but may have to be financially covered directly by you. Please check with organizers whether their budget intends to cover the Friday night.
Contact: Reception (to check vacancies)
Contact: Budget Officer (additional payment)
Wifi connection