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CIRM is equipped to accommodate up to 127 residents in its rooms and 3 studios and can also accommodate long-term visitors (Jean-Morlet Chair) in the Jean-Morlet Research House.

Participants from outside the Marseille region are usually invited by organizers. Their board and lodging at CIRM may be covered by the organizers’ funding (this may include CIRM’s subsidy and/or additional funding such as ERC grants, ANR, NSF, GdR, etc., which the organisers must find themselves). Invitations start from the Sunday night that preceeds the start of the event and last till the Friday afternoon of the event.

For 5-day events, arrival is on a Sunday evening after 5 pm, and the departure on the following Friday afternoon. It is possible to stay on Friday night (with breakfast on Saturday) for an additional fee, which must be paid by the participant(s) during their week at the CIRM. Note also that there is no accommodation available on Saturday nights, with the exception of studios for Research in Residence, of the Jean-Morlet House and for events lasting more than one week.


  • 44 Twin rooms (2 single beds)
  • 31 Single rooms (some with double beds)
  • 1 Triple room (3 single beds)


The 3 studios are generally reserved for Research in Residence participants and long-term guests. One of the studios is equipped for disabled people.

A house for researchers in long-term residence: the Jean-Morlet House

The Jean-Morlet House of Researchers is allocated according to the following priorities:

  • Jean-Morlet Chair holders
  • Long-term guests of the Jean-Morlet Chair

Contact :

Caren Bohbot
Reception Officer

Accommodation & Family Officer
Contact : +33 (0)4 91 83 30 00
Fax : +33 (0)4 91 41 27 86