Rates for hybrid events

The two Cirm lecture halls and two work rooms are equipped with cameras, return screens and videoconferencing services.

2000 euros for a supported conference
1000 euros for a workshop or a self-financed conference

For specific cases, a total or partial exemption can be considered upon justified request.

By decision of the Cirm Board of Trustees, dated Wednesday, May 18, 2022

When the number of participants is reduced, the subsidy changes for Cirm-funded conferences.

Here is the funding that Cirm will offer based on the number of participants housed. Funding is in increments of 5 participants as follows:
5 participants 1 funded
10 participants 2 funded
15 participants 3 funded
20 participants 4 funded
25 participants 5 funded
30 participants 9 funded
35 participants 13 funded
40 participants 17 funded
45 participants 20 funded
50 participants 27 funded
55 participants 34 funded
60 participants 40 funded

If there are less than 5 participants, CIRM does not fund. For more than 5 participants, the number of stays funded is the nearest multiple of 5.