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Letters of invitation & Letters for visa application

If you need an official document (invitation letter or visa application letter) mentioning that your participation is accepted, here are the steps to follow:

Complete your PRE-REGISTRATION online on the webpage of the scientific event you are interested in. This informs the system with your contact details and tells the organisers that you wish to attend their event.

Wait until you receive the REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION message from the conference coordinator.

Then contact the Cirm (visa invitation service), mentioning the type of mail you want.
You must indicate :
– your full name (as it appears on your passport for a visa application)
– your passport number (for a visa application)
– your affiliation
– your postal address if the consulate requires an original.


ONLY an official letter from CIRM can be used to request travel authorization or a visa for participation in an event at CIRM. The dates specified are only those of the scientific event.

ONLY actual participants in the event can be granted a letter. CIRM does not provide letters for visa application for any accompanying person.

If you need proof of accommodation (with possible mention of accompanying persons), or if your institution requests a certificate of participation after the event, please contact

Please note that requests for visas should be sent well in advance (at least 4 weeks before the date of the meeting) for a timely response.

Contact : invitation-visa