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Families at CIRM

CIRM is a centre open to the scientific community, and in particular, to the mathematical community. CIRM believes that care issues (for children or other relatives) should not be a barrier stopping researchers from participating in a scientific event they see as important to them.

According to its status, CIRM is defined as a « Service » Department of the CNRS, co-headed by the SMF (French Mathematical Society) as well as Aix-Marseille University. As such, it has to fall within the French national standard regulations that govern French Public, Scientific and Technological Establishments, as well as those governing public-access buildings. This means that CIRM can host families only within certain areas of the centre, and according to certain rules. This also means that children should remain under their parents’ responsibility and liability at all times.

What can CIRM offer?

The CIRM offers an accommodation solution for visitors who are accompanied by young children. On request, this accommodation can be equipped with: 1 (or 2) cot beds, 1 bed for a young child, 1 (or 2) baby chairs.

Children can also be welcomed in the restaurant area, under the responsibility of their parent(s). Please indicate in advance at the Reception if you wish to eat with your child(ren).

Please note, however, that the other areas of the MRC (workspaces, library, relaxation areas, offices and rooms) are not accessible to children, due to its above-mentioned classification.

If you wish to come with your family or with a companion, please ask the organizers for permission in advance. 


Accommodation near CIRM: alternative solutions if you wish to come with your family.

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> Restaurant

Children are accepted at the restaurant but please contact the Family Officer in advance to organize things.

> Childcare

There are a few agencies specializing in babysitting and day-care facilities for children in Marseille. Please do not hesitate to ask the Family Officer for more information.

Contact :

Caren Bohbot
Accommodation & Family Officer
Contact : +33 (0)4 91 83 30 00
Fax : +33 (0)4 91 41 27 86