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Work Environment


Lecture room A1

It can accommodate an audience of 95 people. It is equipped with blackboards and audiovisual and computer equipment for conferences. Since 2013, A1 has been equipped with an audiovisual control room. The lectures filmed each week are online on CIRM YouTube channel and on CIRM’s Audiovisual Mathematics Library, with additional properties.

Conference room A2

In addition to blackboards which are so dear to mathematicians, this room is equipped with a high-performance audiovisual ecosystem: HD cameras, audiovisual control room, interactive screen, etc. This environment enables organizers to record courses and talks  themselves, via a touch-sensitive tablet centralizing all commands.
A2 is located in the new Bridge Building and can accommodate up to 100 people. 

Seminar room S1

Located in the new Bridge building, this meeting room has a capacity of 40 places and can accommodate seminars, workshops, meetings and courses. It is equipped with an interactive screen, 2 HD cameras and a video-conferencing system.

Seminar room S2

Located in the library, S2 is fully modular and can accommodate mid-size Workshops as well as Research in Residence.

Not forgetting the Billiard room, the Chapel room and offices…

The rooms are equipped with blackboards or whiteboards, video projection equipment and wifi.

A first-rate library

The CIRM library has one of the richest collections of mathematics books in France. With more than 35,000 books and collections and 1,500 paper or electronic journals, all areas of pure and applied mathematics are represented.

Readers can find an average of 200 new acquisitions each year. In addition, the library has its own unique treasures: a large collection of the complete works of famous mathematicians, some documents dating from the 16th to the early 19th century and a collection of Russian books on mathematics. Personal donations from famous mathematicians such as Gaston Julia, Szolem Mandelbrojt, André Adler, Philippe Flajeolet and Jean-Louis Ovaert have added to this valuable collection.

Development of reception capacities in the context of the CPER 2015-2020

Since spring-summer 2019, CIRM has been welcoming its participants in new premises: a large conference room with a capacity of 100 seats (to be able to host two events simultaneously at CIRM), a work and video conference room and new rooms and studios. At the same time, CIRM has expanded its restaurant, which can accommodate up to 150 people. 


Caren Bohbot
Reception Officer
Accomodation & Family Officer
Contact : +33 (0)4 91 83 30 00
Fax : +33 (0)4 91 41 27 86