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  • 53% foreign participation on average (over 70% for the Jean-Morlet Chair)
  • 50 large international workshops per year and many other activities
  • The « Jean-Morlet Chair », our most international programme
  • Audiovisual dissemination around the world
  • A centre open to the world with a focus on quality and communication

International large conferences

Cirm continuously manages, two years in advance, the organization of 100 large international conferences where the latest advances in mathematics as a whole and in all the scientific or economic sectors that rely on it will be debated and presented.

In order to do this, Cirm carries out a policy of presenting programs at a very early stage, the effects of which are to considerably increase the visibility of all our events.

Each event webpage is bilingual English/French on the CIRM website. Information is posted on international platforms (AMS calendar, ERCOM and EMS websites, etc.).

Cirm asks each organizing team of an event with an international scope to include foreign organizers as well as organizers of different genders, experience levels and ages.

International presence of Cirm

Cirm shows its commitment to the global sharing of mathematics by physically participating in international congresses (ICM Seoul 2014, ECM Berlin 2016, ICM Rio 2018) with a leading role in representing France. The stands we run allow us to present the actions of our center, those of our trustees (CNRS, SMF, AMU), those of the programs in which we participate (Carmin, Archimede), and more generally the advances, novelties, and richness of the mathematical offer that can be found in France. This is an opportunity to reach a larger public of scientific visitors and to promote our actions, the Region, the City of Marseille and far beyond! The international cooperation officer sent on site cooperates remotely with Cirm’s communication officer to run Blogs during these congresses.

Cirm also participates in a think-tank for reflection on European scientific policy in the field of mathematics by being one of the assiduous members of ERCOM (European Research Centers On Mathematics under the aegis of the European Mathematical Society). Cirm is inspired by the best advances of centres competitors/partners but is also a beacon and example in many fields, as shown by the site visits to « Luminy » made by several prestigious institutes: an excellent way to strengthen our collaborations.

The Jean-Morlet Chair

This six-month scientific program – created in 2013 to honor Jean Morlet’s seminal work on wavelets (tool that was used in the development of the JPEG standard) – is based on a quite precise roadmap. It meet with a very important international success. 19 semesters have already been awarded, selection done on average two years in advance.

Participation is very international, often approaching 70% in research schools or conferences. In addition to the institutional partners of the Chair (Aix-Marseille University, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Société Mathématique de France, Ville de Marseille), international sponsors such as the National Science Foundation, the Clay Mathematics Institute, the European Mathematical Society, the Foundation Compositio, etc. regularly co-finance events organized in the framework of these semesters. Local support is also important.

The Jean-Morlet Chair creates an undeniable synergy for all the Marseille departments and beyond in the region, thus indirectly contributing to the good positioning of Marseille’s mathematics in international rankings.

Dedicated website:

> The Chair holders are researchers based in countries around the world (India, Austria, USA, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Poland, Spain, Germany etc.).

Audiovisual dissemination throughout the world

As part of the CARMIN Labex initiative, (cooperation with the International Center for Pure and Applied Mathematics, the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques and the Institut Henri Poincaré), Cirm plays a leading role since 2013 in the production of scientific films, the aim of which is to disseminate the latest advances worldwide > + than 1,900 films have already been produced and + than 35,000 monthly views on its YouTube channel. In paralel Cirm has also developed a sophisticated platform for its videos by creating the Audiovisual Mathematics Library. It has become a world leader in the production of quality mathematical videos, chaptered and indexed.

> Available for streaming and download, the videos allow teachers and researchers in countries where internet access is more difficult to access quality videos for their courses, training and personal research.