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After an event has been accepted by the International Scientific Committee at CIRM, the following sequence of events will start:

The Events Coordinator

  • contacts the team of organizers of each selected event immediately after the meeting, to inform them of the decision and confirms with them the final dates allocated in the calendar.
  • prepares a mini-site in English for each event, based on the information provided in the proposal. This information can of course be updated as and when required. The scientific registration of each participant can be done online immediately on the mini-sites.
  • sends a roadmap to the organizing team. This document contains different types of information on scientific, financial, accommodation/meals and video recording aspects.
  • sends the necessary links – login – password to all organizers, so that they can use the « Online Organizers Environment » to manage their meeting.

Note that this sequence is different for Research in Residence events. The Event Coordinator will be in touch for more information.

Olivia Barbarroux
Events Coordinator
Contact : +33 (0)4 91 83 30 03

The Audiovisual Team

CIRM is equipped with a high-performance audiovisual environment. The events supported can benefit from 5 recorded and broadcasted talks. It is possible, on request and on quotation, to film more talks. These videos are broadcast on Cirm’s YouTube channel and on the Audiovisual Mathematics Library.

Guillaume Hennenfent
Filmmaker – Videographer
Contact : +33 (0)4 91 83 30 18

Hospitality – Reception – Catering

  • obtains the final list of chosen participants from the organizers of each event. She then contacts all names on the list at least two months before the start of the event in order to propose booking at Cirm for bedrooms and/or meals. Note that this is done via a specific platform.
  • contacts the team of organizers regarding the distribution of single vs twin rooms and obtains all information regarding special requests for meals,  breaks, special requests etc.

Caren Bohbot
Reception Room and accommodation management
Contact : +33 (0)4 91 83 30 00

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