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​Centre d’Eté Mathématique de Recherche Avancée en Calcul Scientifique

CEMRACS runs as a summer-long session in « Advanced research in scientific calculation ». Created in 1996 by Yvon Maday and Frédéric Coquel, it plays a vital part in knowledge transfer between academic and industrial mathematics.

New CEMRACS groups meet every summer at CIRM during six weeks and focus on a different theme linked to scientific calculation. The format of this summer school is usually the following:

– a first week dedicated to lectures to find out about the state-of-the-art in that particular topic and to learn about its latest developments.

– five weeks focusing in small groups on projects that can be academically or industrially based.

Industry provides some specific modeling or numerical simulation problems and small groups of young researchers try to find a suitable answer, with the help of established researchers in the field.

Coupling a mathematical approach to tackle these problems with a non mathematical approach often leads to interesting advances that businesses can exploit later on. Among the companies that have sponsored some of the projects, we can name L’Oréal, ANDRA, CEA, the Institut Français du Pétrole, Bosch, etc.

CEMRACS is pre-organized and evaluated firstly by the French Applied and Industrial Mathematical Society (SMAI) before being presented to the  international Scientific Committee at CIRM. As for all long programmes at CIRM (e.g. the Jean-Morlet Chair and the Thematic Month), we ask the organizers of future CEMRACS session to present their proposal in person or via video conferencing. Note that the presentation should be prepared in English as half the members of our committee come from abroad.

6 weeks in the summer – with a theme presented by SMAI two years before staging the actual event

Format of the 6-week event

Arrival is usually on the Sunday just before the start of the programme. The actual format will be determined in agreement with the Event Coordinator and Accommodation Officer, according to the number of people staying on from one week to the next.

Programmes are planned by the organizers who should make sure to upload their schedule several weeks before the start of the event in order to maximize information to the participants and to support internal organisation. Most events plan a weekly afternoon off to enjoy the wonderful environment of the calanques and Marseille. Picnic meals can be supplied by the restaurant. Note that this remains flexible and is by decision of the organizing team. 

CIRM extended its academic and hotel / restaurant facilities in 2019 and encourages organizers to not limit their group but look for additional financial support. Note also that various large and medium – or small-sized events can be hosted each week at CIRM therefore accommodation is distributed between all events. You may have to share the centre with other groups.

A bit more information

  • Full board and accommodation onsite. ​
  • Access to an auditorium (90 seats) or to a conference room (one-level room) for 90 people and to additional seminar rooms of various sizes dotted around the centre.
  • Clevertouch‘ touch screen in the new conference room.
  • Video filming by a professional team (5 videos filmed per week on average with 1 post-edited and enriched with meta-data). Additional filming possible on request, if planned in advance. Ask for a quote.
  • Access to the library 24/7. Free access to many  journals. Access to printing, scan, photocopying.
  • Free wifi (cirm and eduroam) 
  • Tea/coffee breaks. Free tea at all times. Possibility to add biscuits / Danish pastries / fruit. Ask for a quote.
  • 2022 prices at CIRM
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DEADLINE : 31 March 2022

NB: Evaluation of the proposals is carried out by the international Scientific Committee at CIRM, which has 20 members (10 men / 10 women) half of them from foreign-based institutions.

​Unless specified otherwise, please note that all sections should be completed in English

  • Some sections need to be completed online.
  • Other sections will ask you to upload one pdf file per type of information
  • You  do not have to fill in the application in one go but please remember to save on a regular basis.
  • You can save, leave the application and then come back later, until the deadline. 
  • You can contact the Event Coordinator if you have a query or a problem with the application.
  • The same application can be filled in by several organizers.

This is what we will ask you for:

  • Titles of the event in French and English
  • Dates: note that dates are pre-chosen by CIRM (July-August).
  • Expected number of participants
  • MSC codes relevant to your event.
  • Organizing Committee: fill in the full names and institutions of the organizers (10 maximum). Make sure to have contacted these people. Reminder: no team should include one gender only.
  • Scientific Committee: fill in the list of experts (full names and institutions) who can vouch for the quality of your proposal. Make sure to have contacted these people. Reminder: no team should include one gender only.
  • Summary and Objectives: in French and in English (these will serve to prepare the bilingual website provided by CIRM for your event, and will also be used on various advertising documents and calendars). Refer to the objectives of the event, its originality, and the local and international impact it may have.
  • Scientific Content (detailed description) stating the scientific goals, purpose and value of the event – 2 to 3 A4-pages (pdf file). Add a preliminary list of potential and confirmed speakers for week 1 especially (pdf file).
  • Preliminary list of potential and confirmed participants (pdf file).

Note that CIRM expects organizers to actively open the event to a variety of speakers and participants, regardless of race, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, age, pregnancy, immigration status, or any other aspect of identity.

  • Optional list of books to be gathered and displayed by the library at CIRM during your event (pdf file).
  • Optional list of books to be gathered and displayed at the French Mathematical Society counter during week 1 of your event (pdf file).
  • Any additional information which may be relevant to your application (pdf file).
  • Preliminary detailed Budget Table to be filled in online. Partial funding from CIRM. Additional external funding must be found for the whole duration of the project. ​​The cost of a week at CIRM is around 540 euros per participant. ​


Click on the board below to place your ONLINE PROPOSAL

For any IT problem with the application: contact the IT Coordinator
Important dates: 

  •  January 2022: opening of the online tender
  • 31/03/2022 deadline for submitting applications online
  • 16/05/2022: evaluation of the proposals by the Cirm International Scientific Committee. The Organizing Committee will have the result in the week following the Scientific Committee meeting. If the meeting is selected, a date will be finalized in the calendar with the Events Coordinator.
  • Winter 2022: the holders of the selected files will receive the necessary information for the organization of their future event, as well as a calendar of actions.
  • Winter 2022: A bilingual mini website is developed by CIRM for the event, based on the information entered in the proposal. Once the website is online, interested participants will be able to start pre-registering for the event. 



  Olivia Barbarroux
  Event Coordinator
  Contact: +33 (0)4 91 83 30 03
  Fax: +33 (0)4 91 41 27 86