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INTERFACE is an original programme of acquisition & discussion of tools and concepts in mathematical, computer and digital sciences, that are pertinent to potential users in industry: modelling, simulation, optimization.

Sessions last 2 to 4 days, in full on-site immersion at CIRM-Luminy (Marseille, France).

As the host of leading, international mathematical events for over thirty years, Cirm has decided to capitalize on the wealth of research witnessed onsite to facilitate the flow of transfer of knowledge and ideas to the socio-economic world. 

We have welcomed researchers from all over the world for over 30 years and feel that our centre is ideal for total immersion in research and exchanges. It benefits from onsite accommodation and restaurant facilities, conference and seminar rooms of various sizes, all situated in a park at the gates of the local calanques

​CIRM is convinced that ongoing training for engineers, managers, professionals and researchers is an essential tool to developing opportunities in innovation.

Through the Interface Programme, Cirm mobilizes its network of high-level mathematicians to offer short programmes for industry professionals.

An initiative led by players in the mathematics and digital communities in France 
This new initiative stems from a study carried out by LabEx Amies on « The socio-economic impact of Mathematics » in France. It is supported by INSMI-CNRS (the French National Institute of Mathematical Sciences and their Interactions), as well as by various French learned societies (SFDS, SIF, SMAI, SMF), and by LabEx Amiès, Archimède and Carmin. 
Sessions last 2 to 4 days, in total immersion onsite at Cirm-Luminy (Marseille, France).
Activities include talks, courses, seminars, workshops, exchanges and discussion especially during meals (breakfast, main meals, science and drinks events, etc.)
A programme built with companies
The INTERFACE programme is built hand in hand with companies, on the basis of a corpus of contemporary themes identified by a Scientific and Strategic Committee. It adapts to the needs of professionals in research and innovation, based in companies.  Multidisciplinary sessions are planned, alternating knowledge transfer sessions and sessions focusing on the definition of problems by players in industry, with the ability to mix very different skills. While mathematics remains at the heart of the programme, it will be possible, in some cases, to incorporate other ethical, economic, legal or other issues.
Aims and objectives
  • To strengthen knowledge on the most contemporary approaches and make the best use of recent concepts and up-to-date mathematical tools
  • To be part of the flow of science « in the making » and stimulate technological innovation     
  • To accompany the development of industry intelligence and knowledge     
  • To create opportunities for collaborations that can lead to common projects in the long run (with the possibility of organizing small group meetings for Maths / Industry at Cirm)

A program adapted to the constraints of industry

Total immersion in the heart of science in a unique environment