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International Research in Groups


As part of a new ERCOM (European Research Centres on Mathematics) joint collaboration, International Research in Groups (IRiGs) enable small groups of researchers to meet for a project lasting 2 to 4 weeks in total, distributed over a period of maximum 18 months, and hosted at two of the centres. 

IRiGs is intended to encourage intense periods of research involving small groups of international researchers on a well-defined project. The international dimension of the scheme supports the project by distributing the time involved, thereby (for example) enabling the participation of researchers with caring responsibilities or allowing a different pattern of activity more appropriate to the project.

Proposals: Proposals should be submitted through the current Research in Pairs/ Groups existing programme of one of the institutions, with costs broken down for each host institute separately. If there are significant differences in the amounts requested then the co-ordinating centre should be the one from which most resource is requested. Proposers are encouraged to contact all potential host institutions to ensure that space is available on the requested dates.


CIRM-Luminy, Marseille
​The Centre International de Rencontres Mathématiques (CIRM), created in 1981 by the French mathematics community, is the largest current European facility dedicated to hosting events in mathematical sciences and related disciplines. Our aim is to combine excellence in science with a quality venue. Open 50 weeks a year, it hosts 12 different types of programmes.

This new IRiGs programme will be run along similar guidelines and local arrangements as the long-standing, popular programme « Research in Pairs ».

> If you would like CIRM Luminy to be one of the two centres you wish to visit, please check the information here and fill in an application 

​CRM, Barcelona
​The Centre de Recerca Matemàtica (CRM), established in 1984, is a Catalan research centre devoted to promote research of excellence in mathematics and provide top-level training to young international scientists. Its strategic mission is threefold: it seeks to perform research oriented to applications, to foster international research activities (by means of research programmes, advanced courses, conferences, …), and finally to support knowledge and technology transfer.

To find out more about IRIGs at CRM, please email here​ 

ICMS, Edinburgh
ICMS supports research in the mathematical sciences. Its core activity is the development and organisation of international workshops and conferences in all areas of mathematics and these attract leading mathematical scientists from the UK and overseas.
ICMS moved into brand new accommodation at the Bayes Centre, Potter’s Row, Edinburgh, in 2018.

To find out more about IRiGS at ICMS, please check the information here.
IHP, Paris
The Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP) was inaugurated in 1928 by Émile Borel to promote exchanges between French and foreign mathematicians. Over the years, the institute has hosted the world’s leading researchers in mathematics and theoretical physics (Einstein for example) while developing links with the public: film club, public conferences, school activities, documentaries, exhibitions. 
By 2021, the IHP will evolve into a House of Mathematics open to new missions: still hosting leading research activities, it will promote exchanges between researchers and society. In a mediation area of over 600m2, it will introduce non-specialist audiences to the vast universe of mathematics, researchers’ portraits, fascinating phenomena related to mathematics and their interactions with computer science, physics, biology, arts, etc.

To find out more about IRiGs at IHP, please email here.
Banach Centre, Bedlewo
The Mathematical Research and Conference Center (MRCC) is part of the Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Its main goal  is to organize conferences and workshops devoted to various subjects of mathematics, and to create an atmosphere fostering research in groups. MRCC serves as a place for scientific meetings supported and/or accepted by the Banach Center, and if space allows, it is also accessible to groups of scientists representing other fields, or individuals looking for a friendly place to do research.

To find out more about IRiGs at Banach Centre Bedlewo, please email here.