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Marseille is a city oriented North-South for all directions, with the sea is the West side. Cirm is situated within the University campus called « LUMINY » and more particularly within the Science Faculty (Faculté des Sciences). This campus is located in the South end of Marseille, near the local road leading to Cassis (not the motorway).

If you arrive from the West or from the North (Motorways A55 « Littoral« / Motorway A50/ Motorway A7), the easiest is to drive through the underpass/tunnel called « Tunnel Prado-Carénage » then drive through the « Prado-sud » tunnel/underpass and come out at Stade Vélodrome / Mazargues.
The combined ticket lets you drive through several tunnels and costs about 7€ but saves a lot of time! 

If you arrive from the East (Motorway A50) you can exit at « Marseille Centre », in the direction of  « La Capelette« . Then follow the general directions below.

Follow signs to Mazargues, Luminy or Cassis. They all send you in the right direction.

At one point you will arrive a large roundabout with an Obelisque standing in the middle. This is Mazargues, a village within Marseille. Continue ahead on the main large road towards Luminy and Cassis from there. You may see the double buses going to Luminy driving that way.

After a few kilometers, you will  arrive at a roundabout showing the directions Luminy (straight ahead) and Cassis (to the left). Follow « Luminy » for about 1 km and you will arrive at the Faculté des Sciences and its main entrance gate.
Follow the  « CIRM » signs when you get inside the campus. Please park at the Visitor car park at CIRM or in the general university car parks. Do not park in the staff reserved car park.

NB: If the main gate to the campus is shut (usually after 21:00 and at week-ends)to get entry please tell the security guard on duty that you are going to CIRM.