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Cirm’ s offer for all programmes:

  • Your turnkey event: the organization is taken care of by Cirm (website, registration, etc.)
  • Several work and conference rooms, with a complete audiovisual ecosystem (possibility of recording presentations, live broadcasting (other rooms for large events, YouTube Lives, etc.), videoconferencing for hybrid events, etc.
  • All-inclusive stay for participants outside Aix-Marseille: single rooms, studios for long stays, full board, Bouillabaisse on Thursday evening, coffee/tea breaks, etc.
  • 24/7 access to Cirm library. Self-service periodicals and newspapers
  • Strict application of the sanitary rules in place.

5 days – 60 to 90 participants

To give mathematicians the opportunity to present recent results of their research and to initiate future collaborations around common research projects.


5 days – 60 to 90 participants, half of whom are young researchers.

To give the opportunity to learn through courses given by the best specialists in the field, to meet, to present their work orally or through posters and to initiate new collaborations.

Selection criteria for conferences and schools:

The Cirm Scientific Committee examines all applications.  The selected conferences and schools are judged on their scientific value and must be at the cutting edge of recent developments. Interdisciplinarity is also important as well as international influence: conferences and schools must be influential in their field and attract participants from all over the world. The Cirm Scientific Committee will also be very attentive to a gender balance, both in the organizing and scientific committees, and in the number of participants and speakers.
The presence of young researchers in the conferences is also a major criterion.


  Olivia Barbarroux
  EventS Coordinator
+33 (0)4 91 83 30 03

DEADLINE : 31 March 2022

The evaluation of the applications is made by the Scientific Committee which includes 20 members (in parity): 10 from French institutions and 10 from foreign institutions. For this reason, information is requested mainly in English. You will be guided through the online submission process and will be asked to submit a pdf file for some sections, or fill in other sections directly online.

The proposal can be submitted in several steps. You can exit the application and return later up until the deadline. Be sure to save regularly.

Do not hesitate to contact the Events Coordinator with any questions or problems.
The same form can be filled out by multiple organizers.

A technical problem? Contact the IT department

The application files of the Conferences and schools are examined by the CIRM scientific committee:

1- Your project is accepted, you will be contacted by the Events Coordinator. Financial support from Cirm covering accommodation and meals is allocated up to a maximum of 40 participants. The total support of « 40 » is committed on the condition that at least 60 participants are included in the event. External funding must therefore be found for additional participants who may also come with their own funds. The cost of a week’s full board at Cirm for one participant is approximately 550 euros.

2- Your project has been considered by the CIRM scientific committee but has not been accepted for this programme. In this case, we suggest you turn to our Workshops programme.

3- Your project has been refused. You may submit a new version of your project for the next call for proposals.

Important dates:

  •  January 2022: opening of the online tender
  • 31/03/2022 deadline for submitting applications online
  • 16/05/2022: evaluation of the proposals by the Cirm International Scientific Committee. The Organizing Committee will have the result in the week following the Scientific Committee meeting. If the meeting is selected, a date will be finalized in the calendar with the Events Coordinator.
  • Winter 2022: the holders of the selected files will receive the necessary information for the organization of their future event, as well as a calendar of actions.
  • Winter 2022: A bilingual mini website is developed by CIRM for the event, based on the information entered in the proposal. Once the website is online, interested participants will be able to start pre-registering for the event.