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2020 > 6 events supported

CIRM-IHP weeks : 1 event
2134 – Categorifications, Moduli Spaces and Representation Theory (Hausel,Hernandez,Jacon,Letellier,Riche,Varagnolo,Vasserot)

Grouped conferences: 5 events
Programme 2141: Thematic Month on Mathematical Issues in Biology (Hamel,Hubert,Pardoux,Pudlo)
2301 – PDE and Probability for Biology (Chapuisat,Cloez,Henderson,Pudlo,Raoul)
2302 – Mathematical Models in Evolutionary Biology (Champagnat,Coville,Gomulkiewicz,Hamel,Roques)
2303 – Mathematical Modeling and Statistical Analysis of Infectious Disease Outbreaks (Britton,Forien,Pardoux)
2304 – Mathematics of Complex Systems in Biology and Medicine (Cristofol,Freyermuth,Gomez,Hubert,Ryan,Tournus)
2305 – Networks and Molecular Biology (Baudot,Mossé,Remy,Tichit,Vignes)

2019 > 18 events supported + Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of invitations + Programme INTERFACE
CIRM-IHP weeks: 2 events
1989 – Geometric and Analytic Methods for Rational Points (Harari, Peyre, Skorobogatov)
1993 – The Mathematics of Imaging (Desolneux, Fadili, Melot, Schönlieb, Wirth)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: 7 events
1934 – ​Spring School on Theoretical Computer Science (EPIT) – Databases, Logic and Automata (Gheerbrant, Libkin, Segoufin, Senellart, Sirangelo)
​​​​1947 – (YR) ​​​Dynamics Beyond Uniform Hyperbolicity (Bonatti, Crovisier, Buzzi, Gan, Pacifico)
1982 – (YR): From Quantum to Classical  (Nonnenmacher, Sabin)
1991 – ​Spring School in Mathematical Computer Science​ (Couëtoux, Elamrani, Guillon, Langlois, Martin, Portier, Theyssier)
2075 – Random Trees and Graphs Summer School (Albenque, Bettinelli, Menard, Rué)
2074 – ​​​​Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry (Benoist, Floris)
2062 – ​​​Zeta Functions (Armana, Fiorilli, Jouve, Louboutin)

Grouped conferences: 5 events
Programme 2060: Thematic Month on Complex Geometry (Grivaux, Keller, Roulleau, Rousseau)
2098 – Masterclass: Complex Geometry : a Modern Viewpoint (Keller, Roulleau, Rousseau)
2100 – Singular Metrics in Kählerian Complex Geometry (De Mailly, Di Nizza, Guenancia, Keller)
2101 – Birational Geometry and Hodge Theory (Claudon, Höring, Rousseau, Taji)
2102 – Entire Curves, Rational Curves and Foliation (Brotbek, Diverio, Gasbarri, Rousseau)
2103 – Ball Quotient Surfaces and Lattices (Dzambic, Möller, Rito, Roulleau)

​Jean-Morlet Chair: 4 events
2104 – ​Integrability and Randomness in Mathematical Physics and Geometry (Bufetov, Desiraju, Grava, Mazzuca, McLaughlin)
2105 – Coulomb Gases, Integrability and Painlevé Equations (Bufetov, Cafasso, Grava, Mazzuca, McLaughlin)
2109 – Thermodynamic Formalism : Dynamical Systems, Statistical Properties and their Applications ​ (Pollicott, Vaienti)
2110 – Thermodynamic Formalism: Modern Techniques in Smooth Ergodic Theory (Nicol, Pollicott, Troubetzkoy,Vaienti)

Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of Invitations: Additional support of up to €20,000

Stochastic Optimization for Large-Scale Systems (Carpentier, Chancelier, De Lara, Leclère)
Introduction to Machine Learning / Advanced Course (Eyraud)

2018 > 25 events supported + Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of invitations
CIRM-IHP weeks: 2 events
1732 – Modeling and Control of Quantum Systems (Bernard, Gough, Rouchon)
1736 – Model Theory, Combinatorics and Valued Fields (Chatzidakis, MacPherson, Starchenko, Wagner)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: 15 events
1649 – (YR): P-adic Langlands Correspondence, Shimua Varieties and Perfectoids (Boyer, Colmez, Hida, Pilloni, Rapoport)
1741 – (YR): Harmonic Analysis of Elliptic and Parabolic Partial Differential Equations (Monniaux, Portal)
​1747 – (YR): Gauge Theory and Complex Geometry (Bradlaw, Schmitt, Teleman)
1750 – (YR): Constant Scalar Curvature Metrics in Kähler and Sasaki Geometry (Auvray, Huang, Keller, Legendre, Sena Dias)
1752 – (YR): Mathematical Perspectives in the Biology and Therapeutics of Cancer (Clairambault, Chapuisat, Hubert, Ledzewicz…)
1762 – (YR): Design of Experiments: New Challenges (Dette, Mentré, Monod, Prieur, Pronzato)
1763 – French Computer Algebra Days 2018 (De Feo, El Bacha, Giorgi, Mezzarobba, Quadrat)
1776 – ALEA Days 2018 (Busic, Genitrini, Mairesse, Martin)
1777 – (YR): Cluster Algebras: Twenty Years On (Amiot, Baur, Marsh, Palu, Pilaud)
1789 – (YR): French-German Meeting on Complex Algebraic Geometry (Greb, Höring, Toma)
1817 – Representations in Lie Theory and Interactions (De Visscher, Lecouvey, Malle)
1855 – (YR): Advances in Statistical Mechanics (Arguin, Gayrard, Kistler, Kourkova)
​1858 – (YR): Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry 2018 (Benoist, Pasquier)
1865 – International Travelling Workshop on Interactions between Low-Complexity data Models and Sensing Tech (Anthoine, Boursier)
1866 – (YR): Advances in Computational Statistical Physics (Lelièvre, Pavliotis, Stoltz)

Grouped conferences: 4 events
Programme 1673: Thematic Month on Low Dimensional Topology and Related Topics (Audoux, García-Lecuona, Haïssinsky, Paoluzzi)
1891 – Representation Spaces, Teichmüller Theory, and their Relationship with 3-manifolds from the Classical and Quantum Viewpoints
1892 – Winter Braids VIII
1893 – Knotted Embeddings in Dimensions 3 and 4
1894 – Geometry of Groups and 3-manifolds – State of the Art and Perspectives

Jean-Morlet Chair: 4 events
1854 – Masterclass in Bayesian Statistics (Chopin, Mengersen, Pommeret, Pudlo, Robert, Ryder)
1904 – Structure of 3-manifold Groups (Haïssinsky, Paoluzzi, Walsh)
1905 – 3-manifolds and Geometric Group Theory (Paoluzzi, Walsh)
1912 – Bayesian Statistics in the Big Data Era (Cadre, Marin, Mengersen, Pudlo, Sisson)

Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of Invitations: Additional support of up to €20,000

2017 > 26 events supported + Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of invitations

CIRM-IHP weeks: 2 events
1554 – Combinatorics and Interactions (Bouttier, Chapuy, Duchi)
1555 – Stochastic Dynamics out of Equilibrium(Giacomin, Olla, Saada, Spohn, Stoltz)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: 14 events
1510 – (YR): French-American Conference on Nonlinear Dispersive PDEs (Carles, Holmer, Roudenko)
1513 – (YR): SGSIA: 19th Workshop on Stochastic Geometry, Stereology and Image Analysis (Calka, Coeurjolly, Coupier, Estrade ..)
1584 – (YR): French Computer Algebra Days 2017 (Brisebarre, El Bacha, Giorgi, Mezzaroba, Moroz)
1590 – ALEA Days 2017 (Gerin, Gittenberger, Pierrot)
1596 – (YR): Mathematical Aspects of Physics with Non-Self-Adjoint Operators (Krejcirik, Siegel)
1608 – (YR): AGCT-16: 16th International Conference on Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (Aubry, Howe…)
1609 – (YR): P-adic Analytic Geometry and Differential Equations (Lebacque, Nicaise, Poineau)
1660 – (YR): LAGOS 2017: 9th Latin American Algorithms, Graphs and Optimization Symposium (Bassino, Bonomo,Valencia-Pabon..)
1680 – (YR): Geometrical and Topological Structures of Information (Ay, Baudot, Barbaresco, Bennequin, Madiman, Nielsen)
1685 – (YR): Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory (Bernicot, Durand Cartagena, Lemenant, Pajot, Rigot)
1691 – Meeting in Mathematical Statistics 2017 (Dalalyan, Nickl, Pouet)
1730 – Advances in Stochastic Analysis for Risk Modeling (Bouchard, Cheridito, Schweitzer)
1745 – (YR): PDE/Probability Interactions: Kinetic Equations, Long time and Propagation of Chaos (Bolley, Fournier, Guillin, Mouhot)
1758 – The Flux of Mathematics – How do Texts and Theories travel through Time and Space? (Ehrhardt, Flament, Rommevaux-Tani ..)

Grouped conferences: 5 events
Programme 1561: Thematic Month on Dynamical Systems and Interactions (Bedaride, Cassaigne, Hubert)
1711 – New Advances in Symbolic Dynamics (CNRS Thematic School)
1712 – Homogeneous Spaces, Diophantine Approximation and Stationary Measures (CNRS Thematic School)
1713 – Teichmüller Space, Polygonal Billiard, Interval Exchanges
1714 – Non Uniformly Hyperbolic Dynamical Systems. Coupling and Renewal Theory
1715 – Random Matrices and Determinantal Process

Jean-Morlet Chair: 5 events
1558 – Qualitative Methods in KPZ Universality (Alberts, Bakhtin, Cator, Dolgopyat, Khanin, Shlosman)
1559 – Random Structures in Statistical Mechanics and Mathematical Physics (Khanin, Seppäläinen, Shlosman)
1720 – Tiling Dynamical System (Akiyama, Arnoux)
1721 – Tilings and Recurrence (Akiyama, Arnoux)
1800 – Ising Model Fog Drip, II: the Puddle (Ioffe, Khanin, Shlosman)

Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of Invitations: Additional support of up to €20,000

2016 > 23 events supported + Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of invitations

CIRM-IHP weeks: 2 events
1413 – School on the Mathematics of String Theory (Cheng, Kashani-Poor, Minasian, Morrison)
1423 – Nexus of Information and Computation Theories (Braverman, Nazer, Rao, Tchamkerten)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: 14 events
1186 – (YR): Spectrum of Random Graphs (Bordenave, Gionnet, Virag)
1335 – (YR): Dynamics of Evolution Equation (Joly, Raugel, Yi)
1399 – (YR): Spectral Theory of Novel Materials (Kuchment, Zagrebnov)
1406 – ALEA Days 2016 (Bostan, Martinez)
1422 – (YR): Analysis, Geometry and Topology of Stratified Spaces (Leichtnam, Mazzeo, Piazza)
1426 – Summer School on PDE and Probability for Life Sciences (Bansaye, Coron, Gabriel, Lepoutre, Raoul)
1438 – Graphs and Surfaces: Algorithms, Combinatorics and Topology (Colin de Verdière, Magniez, Schaeffer)
1444 – (YR): Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation with Applications – MAIA (Bouhamidi, Cohen, Conti, Rabut)
1471 – (YR): Surfaces in Luminy (Béguin, Koropecki , Leroux, Liousse, Militon)
1490 – (YR): Algebraic Combinatorics in Representation Theory (Beck, Hernandez, Jacon, Littelmann)
1502 – (YR): CANT 2016: Combinatorics, Automata and Number Theory (Berthé, Rigo)
1504 – (YR): Representation Theory of Finite and p-adic Groups of Lie Type (Brunat, Guilhot, Lyle)
1506 – (YR): SIGMA 2016: Signal, Image, Geometry, Modelling, Approximation (Beckermann, Chazal, Lyche, Mazure, Peyré)
1508 – (YR): Effective Analysis: Foundations, Implementations, Certification (Mahboubi, Schuster, Spitters)

Grouped conferences: 5 events
Programme 1365: Statistics (Autin, Boutahar, Ghattas, Pommeret, Reboul, Willer)
1615-Statistical Learning
1616: Mathematical Statistics and Inverse Problems
1617: Process
1618: Extremes, Copula and Actuarial Science
1619: Bayesian Statistics and Algorithms

Jean-Morlet Chair: 2 events
1553 – Ergodic Theory and its Connections with Arithmetic and Combinatorics (Cassaigne, Ferenczi , Hubert, Lemańczyk)
1560 – Applications of Ergodic Theory in Number Theory (Adamczewski, Ferenczi, Lemańczyk, Troubetzkoy)

Jean-Morlet Chair Programme of Invitations: Additional support of up to €25,000

2015 > 28 events supported

CIRM-IHP weeks: 2 events
1209 – Summer Pre-school on Inverse Problems (Dos Santos Ferreira, Guillarmou, Lassas, Le Rousseau)
1229 – School on Disordered Systems, Random Spatial Processes and Some Applications (Bouchaud, Contucci, Giardina, Nolin, Sidoravicius, Vargas)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: 19 events
1112 – (YR): Probability and Biological Evolution (Pardoux, Wakolbinger)
1115 – Dynamics and Geometry in the Teichmüller Space (Hubert, Lanneau, Zorich)
1121 – Modeling Energy Budgets in Ecology: DEB Theory (Kooijman, Poggiale) – 2 weeks
1125 – (YR): Frontiers of Operator Dynamics (Grivaux, Lemanczyk, Tomilov)
1128 – (YR): The 8th Whitney Problems Workshop (Hirn, Le Gruyer, Nicoara)
1139 – (YR): Moduli Spaces in Geometry (Ayoub, Schmitt, Teleman)
1185 – (YR): Arithmetic Geometry, Representation Theory and Applications (Abbes, Breuil, Chenevier, Saito)
1193 – (YR): AGCT-15: 15th International Conference on Arithmetics, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (Bassa, Couvreur, Kohel)
1196 – 
Geometric Langlands and Derived Algebraic Geometry (Lysenko, Mirkovic, Riche)
1198 – (YR): Averaging and Homogenization in Deterministic and Stochastic Systems (Liverani, Melbourne, Olla, Pavliotis)
1210 – (YR): ALEA Days 2015 (Bettinelli, Chassaing, Mishna, Viola)
1220 – (YR): Real Analytic Geometry and Trajectories of Vector Fields (Kurdyka, Parusinski, Rolin,Sanz)
1230 – (YR): Semiclassical Analysis and Non-self-adjoint Operators (Fujiie, Hérau, Nicoleau, Ramond, Viola, Vu Ngoc)
1234 – (YR): Group Representations in Dynamical Systems and Geometry (Bufetov, Kuhn, Paoluzzi, Qiu)
1368 – (YR): Controllability of Partial Differential Equations and Applications (Cristofol, Dermenjian, Gaitan, Le Rousseau,Yamamoto)
1393 – Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry 2015 (Broustet, Pasquier)
1403 – Annual Meeting of the Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis and Probability Research Group (Abakumov, Borichev, Charpentier, Lyubarskii, Youssfi, Zarouf)
1412 – Present Challenges of Mathematics in Oncology and Biology of Cancer (André, Barbolosi, Benabdallah, Hubert)
1470 – 
School of Biology for Students in Mathematics and Computer Scientists 2015 (Ferrière, Hubert, Pardoux, Röder)

Grouped conferences: 5 events
Programme 1223: Singularities and Applications (Dutertre, Hauser, Pichon, Rond)
1474: Applications of Artin Approximation in Singularity Theory
1475: Young Researchers in Singularities
1476: Real Singularities and Applications
1477: Local and Global Invariants of Singularities 
1478: Geometry of Singular Spaces and Maps

Jean-Morlet Chair: 2 events
1254 – Introduction to Artin Approximation and the Geometry of Power Series Spaces (Hauser, Rond)
1257 – Elliptic Methods and Moduli Spaces (Cornea, Frauenfelder, Lalonde, Teleman, Viterbo)

2014 > 20 events supported

CIRM-IHP weeks: 3 events
1030 – Sub-Riemannian Manifolds: from Geodesics to Hypoelliptic Diffusion (Agrachev, Boscain, Jean, Sigalotti)
1046 – Semantics of Proofs and Certified Mathematics (Curien, Herbelin, Melliès)
1047 – Random Walks and Asymptotic Geometry of Groups (Chatterji, Erschler, Kaimanovich, Saloff-Coste)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events:  10 events
988 – (YR): Probability Days 2014 (Donati-Martin, Emery, Lejay, Rouault)
997 – KAWA-NORDAN 2014 (Berndtsson, Fornaess Wold, Guedj, Marzo Sanchez, Ortega-Cerda, Thomas)
1010 – (YR): Diophantine Approximation and Transcendence 2014 (Bugeaud, Laurent, Zannier)
1019 – (YR): SMF Session on Geometric and Quantum Topology in Dimension 3 (Boileau, Lescop, Paoluzzi)
1023 – (YR): 3rd Young Geometric Group Theory Meeting (Gueritaud, Kassel, Labourie, Manning)
1038 – (YR): Recent Progress in the Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of Inverse Problems (Bellassoued, Choulli, Cristofol, Soccorsi)
1041 – (YR): Spectral Days 2014 (Barbaroux, Germinet, Joye, Warzel)
1051 – (YR): ALEA Days 2014 (Josuat-Vergès, Nicaud, Pivoteau)
1101 – French Computer Algebra Days 2014 (Boito, Bostan, Poteaux, Safey El Din)
1111 – (YR): Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry 2014 (Broustet, Pasquier)

Grouped conferences: 2 events
Programme 1059: Arithmetics (Kohel)
Prime numbers: new perspectives
On the conjectures of Lang and Vojta

Jean-Morlet Chair: 5 events
1059 (3 different weeks also linked to the Thematic Month) – Arithmetics – (Kohel, Ritzenthaler, Shparlinski)
1129 – School on Geometry and Dynamics (Bedaride, Bufetov, Duchin, Hasselblatt, Hubert, Rodriguez Hertz, Troubetzkoy)
1250 – Computational Harmonic Analysis with Applications to Signal and Image Processing (Feichtinger, Torresani)

2013 > 16 events supported

CIRM-IHP weeks: 3 events
904 – Current Topics in Mathematical Physics (Esteban, Lewin, Seiringer)
942 – Mathematical Methods for Celestial Mechanics (Diacu, Perez)
956 – Stochastic Control for the Management of Renewable Energies (Carpentier, Chancelier, de Lara)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: 11 events
791 – (YR) ALEA Days 2013 (Boussicault, Bouvel, Féray)
837 – French Computer Algebra Days 2013 (Boito, Cheze, Pernet, Safey El Din)
871 – (YR) Computations in p-adic Hodge Theory (Buzzard, Caruso, Huygue, Lauder, Lubicz) 
879 – (YR) HANDDY 2013: Hamiltonian and Dispersive equations – Dynamics (Anton, Grebert, Paturel, Thomann, Wang)
883 – (YR) New Trends in Arithmetic and Geometry of Algebraic Surfaces (van Geemen, Sarti, Schütt, Shioda)                                           
884 – (YR) AGCT-14: 14th International Conference on Arithmetic, Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory (Ballet, Perret, Zaytsev)
902 – SubTile 2013 (Arnoux, Durand, Kellendonck, Maass, Petite)
906 – (YR) Groups, Non-associative Algebras and Combinatorics (Brunat, Morier-Genoud, Ovsienko, Ram)
954 – (YR) Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry (Broustet, Serman)
957 – (YR) ALEA in Europe (Bassino, Chauvin, Soria)
966 – (YR) Computational Geometry Days (Cohen-Steiner, Merigot)

Grouped conferences: 1 event
Programme 970 (4 different weeks) –Probability (Mathieu, Picco)

Jean-Morlet Chair: 1 event
1062 – Random Polymers and Random Matrices (Gayrard, Kistler)

2012 > 20 events supported
CIRM-IHP weeks: 1 event
800 – Rigidity and Flexibility in Dimensions 2, 3 and 4 (Bromberg, Canary, Labourie, Schlenke)

CIRM Research Schools & Young Researchers (YR) events: 18 events

587 – (YR) Number Theory and its Applications (Delaunay, Roblot)
605 – (YR) Lie Theory and Quantum Analogues (J. Bichon, S. Gaussent, M. Geck, N. Jacon)
615 – (YR) 10th Workshop for Young Probabilists and Statisticians (Reynaud-Bouret, Simon)
639 – (YR) Probability, Population Genetics and Evolution (Pardoux, Wakolbinger)
651 – (YR) QP33: Quantum Probabilities and Related Fields (Accardi, Franz, Schott)
668 – (YR) Harmonic Analysis, Operators Algebras and Representation Theory (Lau, Ludwig)
669 – (YR) CANT 2012 – Combinatorics, Automata and Number Theory (Akiyama, Allouche, Bell, Berthé, Briek, Dajani, Frid, Mairesse, Rigo, Solomyak)
690 – (YR) Geometry of Quantum Entanglement  (Aubrun, Szarek, Werner, Ziczkowski)
714 – (YR) Geometry of Banach Spaces (Dodos, Lopez-Abad, Todorcevic)
756 – (YR) Algebraic Geometry and Complex Geometry 2012 (Broustet, Serman)
777 – 5th Young Set Theory Workshop  (Melleray, Nguyen Van Thé, Viale)
784 – (YR) The Horocyclic Flow in Different Situations (Dal’Bo, Haissinsky, Hubert, Zorich)
787 – (YR) ALEA Days 2012 (Banderier, Bassino, David)
788 – (YR) SIGMA 2012 (Signal, Image, Geometry, Modelling, Approximation (Lyche, Mazure, Peyré)
803 – (YR) MoVep 2012 (Modelling and Verifying Parallel Processes (Baudru, Braud, Labourel, Morin)
809 – (YR) New Trends in Mathematical Statistics 2012: Non-Parametric and High Dimensional Statistics (Goldenschluger, Pouet, Rigollet, Tsybakov)
822 – (YR) Dynamics and PDEs (Bjerklov, Eliasson, Fejoz, Saprykina, Stolovitch, Yoccoz)
886 – School of Biology for Students in Mathematics and Computer Scientists 2012 (Ferrière, Hubert, Pardoux, Röder)

Grouped conferences: 1 event
Programme 792 – Logic and Interactions (Beffara, Vaux) – 4 weeks